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Hey, I'm a Brazilian fan, and I'm starting my blog, can you help me please? Thank you.

We know a bunch of He is We stuff / Trevor stuff has been happening lately and we’ll be updating the website soon.  I currently have Mono and Jessi just had a baby, so we currently have different priorities.  Guarantee we’ll keep you updated though!

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He is We - Lead the Fight On - Source: USTREAM

New He is We Demo / Other StuffSo as always, there’s a lot of stuff going on in the He is We camp.  Rachel has been posting lots…View Post

Update in Studio.


This album is off to a good start and made with SO much love. Here is a snippet of the song I wrote for YOU guys. I hope you like it as much as I loved writing it!!! If the world is ending…

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He is We's / Rachel's cover of Diamonds

Live stream tomorrow.

Bring your questions and your game faces! Tomorrow at 8:30 Pacific Standard Time! Just going to be myself and you guys.
Who wants to bond?


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